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DevWeek 2014 Experience Summary

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I’ve arrived back home a few hours ago after a great week in DevWeek 2014. This year DevWeek location was Central Hall in Westminster, London. What a great location for a conference! – the heart of London near a lot of London attractions such as Big Ben for example. The venue itself was spectacular with big to small session rooms and interesting architecture (real architecture not software architecture ). 

In the conference I got the opportunity to deliver two sessions in the front-end development area. 
You can find a summarize of my sessions here and here.

I also got an opportunity to deliver a full workshop day – Building scalable JavaScript apps. In the workshop I talked about the patterns behind some of the largest JavaScript apps, such as Gmail and Twitter, and how to apply them in web apps. I really enjoyed the workshop since the atmosphere was very good and I got a lot of excellent questions from the audience. I was happy to see a lot of people interested in the renaissance of JavaScript and strive to learn how to use it better.

I want to thank DevWeek organizers, and especially Chris Handsley, for the invitation to speak in the conference and I look forward to visiting London again.

My next scheduled conference is going to be NDC Oslo in June so see you there if you are coming.

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