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ELMAH.MVC 2.0.2 is out

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ELMAH MVC 2.0.2 has been just pushed recently. This is a contribution by James Crowley which adds a special configuration key that prevents ELMAH.MVC to setup a global `HandleErrorAttribute()`. It's in particular useful, than you already setup some configuration inside the app, so you don't want default behavior.

Inside the web.config file you will find a configuration setting for that.

 <add key="elmah.mvc.disableHandler" value="false" />
 <add key="elmah.mvc.disableHandleErrorFilter" value="false" />
 <add key="elmah.mvc.requiresAuthentication" value="false" />
 <add key="elmah.mvc.allowedRoles" value="*" />
 <add key="elmah.mvc.route" value="elmah" />

It is elmah.mvc.disableHandleErrorFilter. By default it's `false`, meaning `HandleErrorAttribute()` from ELMAH.MVC is used. To disable it, just set true to this setting.

And btw, it's already 30.000 downloads of NuGet package! Huge number, thanks a lot for all users and contributors.

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