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Find Your Inner App Hero with These New Windows 8 App Templates

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Mark Arteaga - Windows 8 App Templates Released

"For the past month we have been busy putting together some Windows 8 templates to help developers build apps for Windows 8 faster. With the help of Barranger, I have built out two Windows 8 templates with each having a companion backend server.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, your will know that almost everything I do is .NET C#/XAML development.  For these templates, I decided to go the HTML5/CSS/JavaScript route and useWinJS for Windows 8 client apps. On the backend decided to use NodeJS on Windows Azure with a MongoDB data store on MongoLab.

So what templates are being released?

Finder App Template

The Windows 8 Finder App Template is a template developed to allow developers to quickly and easily create a location based type application for the Windows 8 store.  It allows a developer to easily pull existing point of interest data into the app to display on a map.


Hero App Template

The Windows 8 Hero App Template is a template developed to allow developers to quickly and easily create an application to collect certain information while out in the field on a Windows 8 device. For example, if a developer wanted to create an app to allow people to submit information on roads needing pothole repairs, the Hero App Template is a good starting point.  The Hero App Template is a derivative of the Windows 8 Finder App Template described above.



I thought these two templates interesting in their scope and all the stuff they provide out of the box... Why write it if you don't have too?

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