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"Go To Definition" A Click Away With A Visual Studio Extension

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 Visual Studio Gallery - MiddleClickToDefinition

"CREATED BY: lenant

SUPPORTS Visual Studio 2012, 2010

LAST UPDATED 10/21/2012


Press middle button on your mouse to go to definition.

If you have ever used Intellij Idea you might have noticed one useful feature of that IDE - you can press middle button on your mouse and that would lead you to the defenition, as if you pressed F12 in Visual Studio.  Here is an extension, which allows you to do so in Visual Studio. It's really useful when you, for example, examine your code with a cup of coffee in your hand - you don't have to put it down and use keyboard to go to definition anymore - only one mouse click.


I so wanted to title this post "Giving your Definitions the middle finger" but I resisted (mostly).

Anyway... This looks like a simple, yet pretty useful extension (given that I seem to be hitting F12 allot recently...).

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