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How Real People Will Use Windows 8

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My dad tries Windows 8 for the first time.

-- lockergnome

A lot of people have voiced their concerns over Microsoft's use of "touch-based" UI with Windows 8.  In an attempt to gauge how the "average" desktop user will engage and react to Windows 8's Metro design, lockergnome had his dad sit down and use Windows 8 without any previous instruction.


Imdadyano Yano replied on Tue, 2012/03/13 - 1:09pm

Yes, I agree with you. It is very new to everyone even to me. Think of the first time when i first logged to dzone. I was thinking it is too confusing to read article and find good one to read as there are lots of zones over this site. But as the time past i got grip on it, without help of any instruction. In same way i think everyone will get use to it. But it would be good if it is provided to avoid any juggling.

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