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Introduction To ASP.NET Web Services

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I just published a new course on Pluralsight!  I’ve decided to start making a post  for each new course I publish, and you can see the list in the right navigation now as well.

Here is the course description:

ASP.NET Web Services have been around for a long time, but this technology is still widely used today.

If you have existing ASP.NET Web Services you are trying to support, you may have realized that it can be difficult to find good information about using them today.

In this course you will learn the basics of ASP.NET Web Services and how to use them. We’ll start off by talking about the technology and learning about how ASP.NET Web Services work.

Then, we’ll dive in and create our own simple ASP.NET Web Service and learn about how the technology works. Once we have a web service built, we’ll learn how to use .NET’s proxy generating utilities to create a consumer for our web service without writing much code.

After that, we’ll learn how to use ASP.NET Web Service in an existing ASP.NET application to provide AJAX functionality and even see how we can embed service methods in ASPX page. Finally, in the last module, I’ll take you through the process of converting a legacy ASP.NET Web Service to newer technologies like WCF and Web API.

So, if you need to maintain an existing legacy ASP.NET Web Service application or you are looking to learn enough about ASP.NET Web Service to feel confident in migrating to a newer technology, you’ll want to check out this course.

Introduction To ASP.NET Web Services

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