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New Visual Source Safe Upgrade Tool Released

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Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog - New Visual Source Safe Upgrade Tool is Available!

"In the last month I have seen multiple requests for a new Visual Source Safe Upgrade tool – and here it is!

The Visual Source Safe Upgrade tool provides a Wizard Based UI for upgrading Visual Source Safe repositories to Team Foundation Server 2012, 2010 or Team Foundation Service (http://tfs.visualstudio.com/)

Upgrades the follow from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server (TFS) version control:

  • Code projects
  • Files
  • Version history
  • Labels
  • User information

Documentation can be found at:


Don't laugh (I know you are, admit it...) but I think you'd be surprised how many SourceSafe hives that are still out there and in daily use. Yeah, yeah, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. But with this tool and the five free users for the Team Foundation Service, the TFS that comes with MSDN subscriptions and this tool, maybe we can finally, finally put VSS to rest? If you're still one of those VSS users, don't despair, just plan you move off. It's time. Really. (and I've done it and it believe me you'll not regret it)

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