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Preparing For BUILD 2013

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Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/tmurphy/archive/2013/06/13/preparing-for-build-2012.aspx


Going to conferences is a great way to keep up with the industry and recharge the batteries.  As of the writing of this post there are less than two weeks until the start of BUILD 2012.  While I haven’t been to BUILD before the other conferences that I have been to TechEd and Dev Connections in the past give me some expectations.  Normally I would be spending the last couple of weeks going through the session schedule to see which ones I want to attend.  BUILD is a little different.  It doesn’t look like we will get the session list until we get to the registration table so it is going to be a mystery meatloaf of technology.

So what do we know?  Windows 8.1 is going to to take center stage.  Not only will the preview bits be available, but there should be plenty of sessions on what new and wonderful things we can build with it.  I expect that there will be a fair amount of Windows Phone sessions, but I haven’t seen any good rumors about the Blue release yet to have an idea what the focus will be.  What isn’t in an area that I have put any thought into is the new XBox One.  There are a lot of people who are hoping for XBox One development sessions.

So what to bring with.  Win8 Laptop.  Windows Phone 8.  Lots of enthusiasm.  This is a week that is really going to rock.  See everyone there.

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Mick Jonny replied on Mon, 2013/06/17 - 12:45am


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