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Quick Hits Issue #6: Gr8 St8 Appathon, Unity Event, and more

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In this issue, some upcoming opportunities to learn more about app and game development for the Windows Store.

Gr8 St8 Appathon

The brainchild of my fellow technical evangelist, Lindsay Lindstrom, the Gr8 St8 Appathon is a full-day online hackathon, taking place tomorrow, April 6th, from 10am to 6pm EDT. Learn how to quickly build a game for the Windows Store using the free Construct 2 game development tool, and if you're a student, you may qualify for a $100 gift card per app you publish (up to 5).

Lindsay, myself, and others will be available during the event to answer questions, so head over to the registration page and sign up!

Building Games with Unity 3D – Live Stream

Tuesday, April 9th, there's an event at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus that will provide a ton of information on building games for Windows Phone and the Windows Store using Unity 3D. While it's probably too late to plan to be there in person, Tuesday's event will be live-streamed at http://channel9.msdn.com/

Unity is a fun and powerful tool for building amazing 3D (and 2D) games, and has been used for a number of awesome games currently in the Windows Store and on Windows Phone. Check out the live stream to learn how to leverage the support Unity 3D provides for the Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms to build compelling and fun games.

Code Camp Call for Speakers

If you're very quick (as in submit as soon as I publish this post), you may still have time to get a talk or two in for the Northern Virginia Code Camp, taking place on April 20th. Their call for speakers is open until midnight, April 5th (today).

Additionally, the CMAP Code Camp just announced their Call for Speakers, for their Spring Code Camp, which is scheduled for June 1st at Loyola University in Columbia, MD. Possible topics include (but not limited to):

  • SQL/Database
  • Windows 8/Windows Phone/ Mobile/Mobile games
  • ASP.Net/Azure
  • SharePoint
  • Programming for kids/Robotics
  • Tools/SDLC/Architecture

Submit your session(s) here: http://www.cmap-online.org/CodeCamp/Speakers.aspx

Last Call for App Madness!

If you're a student and you're considering submitting one or more apps or games for the App Madness Challenge, you've got less than a week until the promotion ends. The deadline for apps to be published and qualified is April 11th, so don't delay. All the details are at:

Windows 8 App Madness Challenge

That's it for this issue…stay tuned for more next time!

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