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Riak for Windows 8

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Basho developer, Adron Hall has just released his Riak interface application for Windows 8, which he has named "Junction."  The application includes:

  • Riak Admin and Maintenance
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Reporting
  • Query, Put, Deletes, Etc. Handling the CRUD
  • The Basho RSS feed

Here's a link to the GitHub page and some videos about Junction.


Adron Hall replied on Sat, 2013/08/31 - 11:31pm

Important to note, we've *just* started the project in the last couple weeks. So it has those sections but they're in the works. I'll be providing bi-weekly updates and other information related to the project as things move forward. If anyone wants to jump in, we'll have an issues list and more broken down in easy to work on chunks of code. We'll also be putting on hackathons related to the project!  :)

Thanks for mentioning the project!



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