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RPG With Different Bosses, Achievements - Built With Macros and Lives in Excel

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404 Tech Support - Arena.Xlsm, an RPG built using Excel

If you have your nose buried in spreadsheets all day at the office, you might enjoy a little change of pace even with Excel open. Cary Walkin, a chartered accountant up in the great white north, has created an RPG using just Excel’s macro system. It works on the Windows versions of Excel 2007 – 2013.



The game even includes achievements, tons of different enemies, and 8 different bosses.

You can download and get playing from carywalkin.wordpress.comVersion 1.1, with a few bug fixes, is slated to be released this weekend. For more details of the game mechanics, read the letters that pop up at different milestones throughout the game or check out the official Arena.Xlsm wiki."

You had me at 8 different bosses... And who doesn't like a little macro love?

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