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StaleStateException for Entity with Assigned Id and Version in NHibernate

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I was trying to persist an entity using NHibernate that uses Assigned Id’s and Version concurrency mechanism. Every time I try to persist a new instance, I am getting a StaleStateException. As per my knowledge the concurrency check will happen when we try to do an update, in my scenario it’s throwing while doing an insert. Also in the nhibernate log, I could see nhiberate is firing update command instead of insert. 

After doing some googling I come across a stackoverflow post, that NHibernate will fire update or insert based on three parameters.

  1. Id
  2. Version
  3. Timestamp

In my case Id is assigned and it will exist even if it’s a new data and I can’t help it. I am not using Timestamp. So the issue narrowed down to Version. Entity do have a version and unfortunately it’s updated using Automapper, while converting DTO to Entity. I use unix timestamp as version and we added a custom mapping in automapper to fill current date in unix timestamp format if version field is coming as empty from the client and is useful in update scenario. So for NHibernate this is not a new data because it has Id and version, so it will try to do an update instead of insert and that causes all the issues for me.

To solve this issue, either we can use Save() instead of SaveOrUpdate() or set version to zero for new data.

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