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Mohamed Radwan is a Visual Studio ALM MVP and Senior ALM Consultant focusing on providing solutions for the various roles involved in software development and delivery to enable them build better software using Agile Methodologies and Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Tools & Technologies. Mohamed excels in software practices and automation with 12+ years of professional experience spanning the different stages and phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. Mohamed is also an MSc in Agile Methodologies, a frequent speaker at many local and regional technology events, the author of DevMagicFake Mocking Framework, an author of many technical articles & guides, the founder of the TFSEG and co-founder of MEAALM Community. Mohamed also holds number of Microsoft certificates including MCT, MCPD, MCITP in EPM, MCTS (7), MCSD, MCAD and CIW, Mohamed is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 13 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

Upgrade Visual Sourcesafe to Team Foundation Server 2012

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In this post I will explain how to upgrade and migrate projects or repositories from VSS or Visual SourceSafe 2005 to TFS or Team Foundation Server 2012
1-Upgrade VSS Projects to TFS 2012 intro

Open Visual SourceSafe Administration. 2-Open VSS Administration

Create new Database or Repository for VSS Projects. 3-Create new DB

Click Next and select the location of the Database, I create a folder called Marvel-VSS. 4-Select location of DB

Create a project inside that Repository, it’s name will be MVCProject. 5-Add Project

Create a mapping folder on the local HDD, it’s name will be My Work. 6-Set working folder in VSS

Navigate to the folder using windows explorer and add new text file as an example of the source code of your project, I typed Hello World! inside the file.

7-Add file to the project

Add the existing source code (text file) to the VSS Repository. 8-Add file to VSS

Check-in files into the VSS.

9-Check-in files

Navigate to the second machine that has TFS 2012 and create new project, it’s name will be Marvel-TFS. 10-Create new Team Project

Download Visual Source Safe Upgrade Tool 11-Visual-SourceSafe Upgrade tool

Install the upgrade tool.

12-setup upgrade tool

Launch VSS Upgrade Tool Wizard and browse to the Marvel-VSS Repository on the VSS machine, click on List Available Projects to retrieve the project from that Repository, click on the check-box and then click Next. 13-VSS Upgrade wizard

Browse to the created project on TFS (Marvel-TFS) and select it. 14-Choose team project to migrate on

Click Next and then click on Verify after that click on Upgrade. 15-Readness Checks

Review the completion of the upgrade. 16-Success

Review the team project on TFS to make sure that the source code has been migrated successfully. 17-examin the file on the TFS

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Vikas Wing replied on Thu, 2013/01/03 - 11:52pm


 Hello Mohamed,

Nice article simple and nicely explained. I read one of your previous article about TFS 2012 and it was very helpful. Currently for some of our legacy systems we are still using visual source safe. But reading this article we will try to integrate it to TFS 2012. I have only on doubt that are all the functionality of VSS available after doing the same? I will definately share this with my  team and PM  Would like to hear more from you :-)

Once again thanks.

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