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Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor Available

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"Since releasing Visual Studio 2012 we have continued on our investment in the user experience space to enable you to work more efficiently and to make the Visual Studio experience engaging and productive. One of the design principles we are following is the enablement of choice and personal customization in the product, and as part of developing the new Light and Dark themes in Visual Studio we invested in broadly extending the theme-able surface area of Visual Studio. Building on this work, I’m happy to announce that we now have available a Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor extension! This extension provides you with seven new color themes to choose from as well as the ability to easily create new custom themes.

We released an early version of this extension two months ago and received great feedback, which we incorporated into this final release. One new capability we added to this final version is an easy interface for quickly finding a particular color you want to change, as well as seeing the impact of the change in a small UI snippet:



Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor


Allows users to create and edit Visual Studio themes. Themes can customize colors used for menus, toolbars, tabs, titlebars, the text editor, and other environment colors.

CREATED BY Microsoft

SUPPORTS Visual Studio 2012 [Professional and higher]

LAST UPDATED 10/29/2012



Allows users to customize the Visual Studio 2012 color palette.  This extension is supported for Visual Studio 2012 Professional and higher.

Key features

  • Choose from several prebuilt themes including a Visual Studio 2010 theme (named Blue), a Light theme with a dark editor, a Dark theme with a light editor, and four additional colored themes (Red, Green, Tan, Purple)
  • Ability to copy/paste, undo/redo, and multi-select edit color values
  • A new and improved color picker to easily change your theme’s colors
  • More Visual Studio UI that can be modified including most tool window backgrounds and selection colors
  • Customize your editor fonts and colors from the Theme Editor UI
  • Copy colors from existing themes to easily create variations on the prebuilt themes
  • Import and export themes to share themes across multiple machines or with friends

Special thanks to Andrew Sarratori for helping with development!

Version history      
  Move Themes menu into the Tools menu, improve visual appearance of the Color Themes launch page, add preview support when editing themes, added ability to import and export themes      
  Fix broken theme list when several popular extensions (including ReSharper) are installed, and persist column sorting options     
2.0  Initial release"

Maybe not enough customization and coloring for some, better than nothing?

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