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Windows 8: At last! Expression Blend for XAML, Metro

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Holy frakin’ awesome! The silence around Blend has been slightly lifted. Will there be Expression Blend for Metro XAML like there is for Metro HTML5? Oh yeah!

Joanna Mason: In this post I’ll give you an inside view into some of the implementation details and prioritization considerations that we employed so we could light up support for Windows 8 Metro style apps using XAML in Blend.

There are a few features that you may have gotten used to creating when creating SL, WPF and Windows Phone apps in Blend that are not available when creating Metro style apps. Rest assured that our goal is to provide the same level of rich functionality and visual authoring capabilities for Metro style apps as you currently have for Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF applications, we just have not had the time to get there with this first version of authoring support for Metro style apps.

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