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Windows 8 Roaming Monitor Visual Studio 2012 Extension

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kraig brockschmidt - Roaming monitor tool for Visual Studio

This is a fun thing–a few months ago the VS team put out the Roaming Monitor Tool in the Visual Studio Gallery. It's intended to assist developers in creating and troubleshooting your use of roaming appdata, providing status of current sync state along with a Sync Now button to force a sync rather than waiting for the system to get around to it. It also allows browsing and editing of roaming state.

This works with both the Express and Ultimate editions of VS 2012 (but not the 2013 preview for Windows 8.1 at present).


Visual Studio Gallery - Windows 8 Roaming Monitor

The Windows 8 Roaming Monitor allows application developers to monitor, view, and manipulate the state of their Modern App's roaming settings from the comfort of the Visual Studio 2012 IDE. The Roaming Monitor also allows developers to "sync now" in order to test end-to-end roaming scenarios quickly and efficiently, rather than having to wait for the normal sync interval.

If you're building Modern/WinStore App's and using roaming settings, this sounds like a must have tool...

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