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Windows Phone 7 - Dev Tools RTW - What's next?

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As you probably already know, Windows Phone 7 development tools were released to web today. The package includes Windows Phone 7 SDK, XNA Game Studio 4.0 (which is not available as a standalone download for now - you can only get it with the Windows Phone 7 SDK, even if you plan on working with games that target other platforms).

Before I get them, what should I do?

Before you get the new version of WP7 tools, you have to make sure that you uninstall any Beta or CTP releases. This includes the following components:

  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools
  • Windows Phone 7 Add-in for Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Resources
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 Windows Phone 7 Extensions

If somehow you forget to uninstall one or more of the above mentioned components, when you start installing the new build you will see an error message that will let you know what components should be removed prior to the installation.

Basically, when you uninstall Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools through Control Panel, it will remove all products tied to it. However, what the uninstaller will not remove is Microsoft Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone 7 (the program itself, the add-in and the SDK), so you will have to make sure that those are properly removed as well.

Once all these components are uninstalled, make sure you restart your PC.

Uninstalled and restarted. What now?

Once the system is ready, you can download the tools here. It is a web installer and it will require an active Internet connection to successfully install the set of Windows Phone 7 developer tools. It will download and install 9 components (357MB total):

  • DirectX Libraries
  • Windows Phone emulator (x64/x86)
  • Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Resources
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools - ENU
  • Windows Phone 7 Add-in for Visual Studio 2010
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 Windows Phone 7 Extensions
  • Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010
  • Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone

Of course, you can also download the ISO for an offline installation here.

Installed. What's new?

I mentioned a while ago that there was a difference between application naming in Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone. It was about the List applications (in Visual Studio) and Databound applications (in Expression). Although it is the same application type, implementing the MVVM pattern, for some reason there was no single convention.

Now, it is fixed and officially the application type is called Databound:

There are also two new application types - Panorama and Pivot. The Panorama application type is represented by a page that can be scrolled horizontally in separate segments:

A Pivot applications is somewhat similar to Panorama. However, the horizontal scrolling is organized differently - basically, you switch between panels instead of just scrolling to the next one.

The emulator changed a bit visually - there is no more Settings button (since really there is not much to customize directly but the zooming) - it was replaced with a Zoom button:

Speaking of the emulator, it probably went through a complete internal overhaul - it really works much faster and is much more stable than the one bundled with the Beta release of the tools.

Where should I look for additional resources and documentation?

There are actually lots of them around the web now. Here is a list of resources you might be interested in if you decided to work more on Windows Phone 7 application development:


Jesse Mccain replied on Fri, 2010/09/17 - 5:36pm

Hey Dennis

First time here and went through all your postings relating to Windows Phone they were awsome!

I just wanted to drop a questions if you would be able to help out on this:
- Want to build a simple app where I can choose to play 2 radio stations what steps can I take to do that any tips would be great!


Den D. replied on Fri, 2010/09/17 - 10:37pm

Do you have some sort of a radio API available? What kind of radio do you plan on playing?

Jesse Mccain replied on Fri, 2010/09/17 - 11:50pm in response to: Den D.

Well not really. I'm able to make it autoplay on on the main page on the app (mms streaming will work on WindowsPhone) but I want to be able to have a list/menu with 2 radios and on the click to go to next page where the player will be inserted and some information about the radio.

Den D. replied on Sat, 2010/09/18 - 10:40am

In the final release of Windows Phone 7 tools, there is a new application type - Pivot. That's what you're probably looking for. It's much easier to work with compared to what you plan on doing - selecting (clicking on a button) and then loading another page. With the help of the Pivot control, you are able to switch between "pages" (well, not really pages - basically those are independent containers) with different content.

Kirupa Chinnathambi was recently a guest on John Papa's Silverlight TV (episode can be found here) where he describes how he created a Bing search app using the Pivot control for Windows Phone 7. That's what you should try implementing, in my opinion.

Let me know if you need any help.

Jesse Mccain replied on Sat, 2010/09/18 - 11:50am

Thanks Dennis, I reinstalled the developer tools and there it was Pivot so it seems its allowing me to have containers and thats sort of what I was tring to do.

Den D. replied on Sat, 2010/09/18 - 9:50pm

Glad that the post was userful!

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