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Windows Phone with modem access - sending SMS messages through a terminal emulator

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As I was looking for another way to provision my Dell Venue Pro (those devices are on lockdown because of lack of registry access) I figured that I still need to experiment with AT commands. I already worked with those during the NoDo testing period, when ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES was allowed and I was able to build a better modem connector app than what was shipped as a part of the EM app. Now, the only option is using the EM app and it is not pretty – entering long commands on a small screen/keyboard quickly becomes out of line.

That being said, AT commands can be sent through a terminal emulator. Windows 7 doesn’t come with a Hyperterminal application anymore, so I had to look for third-party solutions. Tera Term seemed like a decent candidate, so I downloaded and installed it. To prepare the phone, make sure that you follow the instructions here to point 4. Unless you want to set up tethering with T-Mobile, the rest is insignificant.

Keep the phone in Composite Mode and start Tera Term. As the connection screen appears, select Serial:


You will now see a blank terminal screen. To test the actual connection to the device, press Alt+R and type in AT+CGMM:


This should yield the device name and model, similar to this:


You now need to set the modem in a text-only mode. I will discuss the PDU mode in one of the next blog posts. To do this, once again press Alt+R and type in AT+CMGF=1. You will not get a visual confirmation, but you can now send text messages. Use Alt+R one more time and type in AT+CMGS=”+PHONENUMBER”, where PHONENUMBER is the full-format number, with the country and area codes included.

If for some reason on Alt+R you don’t get a command dialog, copy some simple text in the clipboard – it is generally used to paste a command from the clipboard, but that can be edited directly in the dialog anyway.

If entered correctly, you should see the regular > prompt.


You can type your message by using Alt+R (again). When done, press Ctrl+Z. Your message will be sent.

NOTE: Sending SMS messages this way will still charge your cellular account.


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