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Windows Store Apps and Third-Party JavaScript Libraries

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If you've attended one of my talks on building Windows Store apps with HTML5 and JavaScript, you've heard me say that although the default for our app templates is to use the WinJS library for providing rich databinding, controls, and a great look and feel that makes your app fit into the Windows store ecosystem, we also support the use of 3rd party JavaScript libraries as well, with a few caveats.

Those caveats primarily have to do with the sandbox model for Windows Store apps, particularly with respect to dynamically created content. In most of my talks, I just don't have enough time to get deep into the details of what limitations you might run into, so I was glad to see when one of my fellow technical evangelists, Jim O'Neil, sent a link to a very helpful article by Ryan Westphal, detailing his experience in using his jQueryGeo library in a Windows Store app.

The short version is that his library worked without much modification, requiring only that he wrap certain calls using toStaticHTML.

Read the whole article to find out all the details.

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