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Daily Dose: NetBeans 7.0 Has Java 7 Support

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Oracle's newly released NetBeans 7.0 features support for Java 7 features.  The JDK 7 component of NetBeans 7.0 is technically an early access snapshot.  A NetBeans 7.0.1 release in October will feature the final version of JDK 7.  

Even developers who aren't currently using Java 7 will benefit from the NetBeans update.  Other improvements include support for Oracle Database, the inclusion of Glassfish 3.1, and enhanced integration with Oracle WebLogic.

It should also be noted that Oracle removed NetBeans 7's Ruby on Rails support in January, 2011.  

RightScale and Zend Team Up With New PaaS

The new RightScale Zend PHP High Availability Solution Pack, a platform created by the Zend/RightScale, will allow enterprise-level PHP applications to be deployed in the cloud.  A standardized environment allows users to easily acclimate to the new system.  Support is included for Java, PHP, Ruby and .NET.

Support Ending for Ubuntu Server 6.06

As of this June 2011, support will no longer be offered for Ubuntu Server 6.06. Desktop support for 6.06 was discontinued two years ago.  Kate Stewart, Ubuntu's release manager, suggests that that current Ubuntu 6.06 users upgrade to 'Hardy Heron' or Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.  Although this version of the Ubuntu Server will be discontinued in May, support will continue for two more years.

Shh… Apple Might be Watching

Apple knows where you've been. Or, it might be more accurate to say that Apple knows where your iPad or iPhone has been.  For those who haven't heard, writer Peter Warden and hacker Alasdair Allan shared evidence that Apple is tracking all iOS 4 users. 

While the news that Apple is tracking your every move might not come as a surprise to jaded technocrats, the idea that this information isn't even encrypted is somewhat unsettling.

Learning Node.js

 For your enjoyment: the basics of Node.js.  Thanks Jettro Coenradie.

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cowwoc replied on Wed, 2011/04/20 - 6:27pm

Oracle rushed Netbeans 7 out the door. I'm speaking as a long-time Netbeans user, releasing it at this time was a mistake. There are way too many bugs for it to be usable (yes, I've been filing bug reports).


They should have waited at least another month.

Edvin Syse replied on Thu, 2011/04/21 - 4:22pm

Which bug reports did you file?

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