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Daily Dose: OpenJDK6 Leader Joseph Darcy Resigns Release Managment Duties

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The leader of OpenJDK6, Joseph Darcy is stepping down from his release management duties for the project this week.  Kelly O'Hair will take on his responsibilities in the coming weeks.  Release management repositories for OpenJDK6 have already been passed to O'Hair. OpenJDK6 sources claim that the OpenJDK project will be on target with their upcoming milestones. 
Joseph Darcy is shifting his time to other OpenJDK projects, such as Project Coin.

Apple Hands Gold Master copy of iOS 4.3 Over to Developers

The Gold Master copy, or final release version, of iOS 4.3 has been released to developers pending the public release of the OS on March 11th. Support for Home Sharing and the ability to turn your iPhone into a WI-FI hotspot are included in the new operating system.  A new, tricked-out Nitro JavaScript engine puts the Safari browser in iOS on par with the latest Mac OS X version. Certified Apple developers can download the Gold Master version of iOS 4.3 here.

Released and Ready! CentOS 4.9

Two weeks after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.9, the CentOS team released their free RHEL clone.  In this version, OpenOffice 2.0 is included as a Technology Preview.  OProfile Support has also been added for Intel Xeon processor performance events.  An update to SystemTap to version 1.3 allows support for more advanced probe capabilities. 

Sinatra 1.2 Released

The next major milestone of the Sinatra microframework has been reached! This newest release of Sinatra has significantly increased its template functionality. Support for the Slim Template Engine allows for fast, lightweight templating power. Users can now implement their own lookup logic for folder viewing. Additionally, a URL helper has been added as an optional feature.  

Introducing Spring Social's Services Provider Network

Here's the next up-and-coming release in the Spring Social lineup. Thanks for contributing the link, Craig!
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Alex Ruiz replied on Sat, 2011/03/05 - 2:31am

Stating that "Joseph Darcy resigned," implies that he has left Oracle, which according to the link you posted, is an exageration. I read his post, and he only says that in order to dedicate more time to Project Coin, he is no longer the release manager for OpenJDK.

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