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Daily Dose - Sun Loses a Poet

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Sun Loses a Poet
For his last day on the job, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz wrote his final farewell in a haiku on twitter: "Today's my last day at Sun. I'll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/ Stalled too many customers/ CEO no more."  Schwartz posted a longer, more heartfelt farewell on his blog last week.  Who knew Sun's former CEO is a poet too?

PHP Creator Weighs in on HipHop
Rasmus Lerdorf had a look at Facebook's recently open sourced HipHop runtime this week.  Although he thought it was a 'nifty trick' and it makes sense in a highly optimized environment like Facebook, Lerdorf said PHP developers shouldn't start expecting miracles from HipHop.  The effectiveness of HipHop, he says, will depend mainly on the type of code it is used on.  Developers should first focus on basic profiling and identifying the most costly areas in an application's performance, he says.  According to Lerdorf, HipHop speeds up one of the faster parts of your system, which means most developers will only see a marginal increase in performance.  HipHop is no magic bullet, he says, and it's no substitute for dealing with the high number of minor performance bogs on the front end and the back end.  He suggests using tools like YSlow, Page Speed, Callgrind, and XDebug before trying HipHop.

US Makes Progress on Cybersecurity
The US House of Representatives just passed a bill intended to bolster the country's cybersecurity personnel and intelligence across government agencies.  The bill passed by an overwhelming majority and it also establishes a scholarship program for university students that agree to work as cybersecurity specialists for the government after graduation.  There is no companion bill yet in the Senate, but the senators are working on several other information security bills.

Google Teams up With US Spys
In an effort to thwart future cyber attacks like the ones it experienced several weeks ago, Google has teamed up with the US National Security Agency.  If the agreement is finalized, the NSA will assist Google by analyzing the information from the recent attacks and take steps to help Google prevent future attacks.  The NSA was quick to reassure citizens that they would not be viewing user email accounts or searches.

52Framework - First ever HTML5 and CSS3 framework! (cross-browser)

It's always good to see new ideas in the open source community.  Web developers might want to test-drive what's being called the first development framework that combines HTML5 and CSS3.  The sight could use a little cleanup of its grammar though.
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Tracy Nelson replied on Fri, 2010/02/05 - 1:09pm

But Richard Gabriel left a couple years ago!

 Sorry, couldn't resist.  Seeing "Sun" and "poetry" in the same sentence with no mention of Gabriel was kind of a let-down.

Nils Piersall replied on Wed, 2010/02/17 - 4:44am

If you try going to, you'll be redirected to Oracle now.  It's the first step in their integration of all Sun websites into the Oracle Technology Network.

That answers why last month I tried to open the site to no avail even after several attempts.


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