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Daily Dose - Oracle Covets Thy Chipmakers

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In an investors meeting this week, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told the board, "You’re going to see us buying chip companies."  There's speculation that AMD or ARM could be targeted by Ellison's company in the next few months.  This has lead to a 5% jump in the stock prices for both chipmakers.

Polarion Connector Coming to Mylyn
A new partnership with Polarion software will bring a fresh connector to the Mylyn ecosystem.  Polarion ALM along with their Track & Wiki tool will be extended into the Eclipse ecosystem when the Mylyn connector is complete.  Early access is set for late November 2010.

Rubinius 1.1 Polishes Performance
Rubinius, the implementation of Ruby written in Ruby, reached version 1.1 this week.  The new version boosted its performance, which was already higher than the traditional Ruby interpreter.  New features include JIT block in-lining and a new Global Interpreter Lock algorithm.  There's also support for dbm, gdbm, and sdbm.

Klocwork Looks Forward to Multicore Development
Automated source code analysis company, Klocwork, are introducing new features in their static analysis engine.  These features, added to the Klocwork Truepath product, have addressed two issues related to multicore development: Endian incompatibilities and concurrency defects.  These enhancements for handling multicore development should be available next month.

Leaving .NET
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