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Redis Running on Win32—Not Important Enough for Core Project Inclusion Says Creator

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Microsoft recently built a patch that runs Redis on win 32 using the libUV library (which also powers node.js if you're wondering).  The creator of Redis, Salvatore Sanfilippo heard about the news and shared his own opinion about the patch:

I don't think Redis running under win32 is a very important feature. It is cool to have a win32 port that can be used for testing, as we had before, and as we have in a different implementation thanks to the Microsoft patch, so developers using Windows can easily test Redis and develop their projects. But what is the point in providing a production quality win32 port?

I think that Linux completely won as a platform to deploy software, and even if you want to run your code under win32 systems what's wrong about installing Linux boxes to run Redis? For instance Stack Overflow runs their systems in a mix of Windows and Linux boxes, they have no troubles into using Linux to run Redis.  --Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo

However, Salvatore did say in his post that while he felt that the win32 feature wasn't important enough to include in the main Redis project, he did say it was a perfect idea for a separate project.  I personally think that it's bad to assume that "Linux completely won as a platform to deploy software" because I hear about lots of companies with developers and IT folks who have based their infrastructure on Windows.  Right now, smart companies like Puppet Labs are trying to make inroads to the Windows-using sector of IT. 

Another piece to this story was that some developers were angry that Microsoft sent a patch and not a pull request, but Salvatore didn't think there was much point in these different formalities.



Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Fri, 2011/12/09 - 2:43pm

Interesting. I guess MS just found out what karma is.

Nicolas Bousquet replied on Sat, 2011/12/10 - 5:52pm

I guess that the library creator doesn't like much windows and MS. I think its best if a piece of software can run everywhere and in every environment. You never know what you are going to need next.

 And for the Linux/Win debate, whatever your main platform, being forced to use another platform is always a pain. Because the OS are differents, you need to solve different problem, have more people people in your production team... Not so good.

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