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"Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth" 2nd edition, free Windows Phone 7.1(5) PDF now available

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Windows Phone Geek - New FREE e-book: Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth 2nd edition

"We are pleased to announce that we have just released our new FREE e-book "Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth" 2nd edition by Boryana Miloshevska.

  • 250 Pages
  • Publish Date: 15 Dec 2011
  • Includes all controls from the Windows Phone Toolkit Nov 2011!
  • 22 Chapters!
  • Full Source Code
  • Based on Windows Phone 7.1 (aka 7.5) Mango!


A snap from the PDF;


And a snip from the Introduction;

Who is this book for?

The target audience of this book is anyone who is interested in Silverlight for Windows Phone development. It covers all controls from the Microsoft Windows Phone Toolkit - Nov 2011 (7.1 SDK).

This book contains all the information necessary to get you started with the Windows Phone Toolkit. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced developers.

Before you begin you will need to have a basic understanding of:

  • Silverlight principles
  • Windows Phone principles
  • C# programming

What this book covers?

The book covers “in depth” all controls from the Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit including:
o AutoCompleteBox
o ContextMenu
o DatePicker
o DateTimeConverters
o ExpanderView
o Gestures
o HeaderedItemsControl
o HubTile
o ListPicker
o LocalizedResources
o LockablePivot
o LoopingSelector
o LongListSelector
o MultiselectList
o Page Transitions
o PerformanceProgressbar
o PhoneTextBox
o WrapPanel
o TiltEffect
o TimePicker
o ToggleSwitch

Furthermore the first two chapters make a quick introduction to the main concepts related to Silverlight and Windows Phone application development and how to get started using external libraries like the “Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit”.


If you're new to Windows Phone 7 Dev, this looks like one of those must have eBooks...

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